Dear Connectivize members,

It’s a Sunday afternoon, and before I go out to enjoy the day I normally sit down and write a short message to you.

While I’m preparing for the winds to arrive and get this ship going: more eager early adopters, hypsters (people talented at generating hype) & future fanatics, I am thinking of another post to encourage you to:

– send me your feedback
– say something nice about Connectivize on social media
– list your Offers & Requests in the Marketplace
– get connecting

But I couldn’t bring myself to try out another marketing slogan to use for the subject line of my message.

On the other hand, I’m glad to hear that you’re getting the help you need through Friendster, Hi-5, MySpace and all those other social media apps where people can just blurt out what they want to say and see if someone replies.

Oh wait, those platforms have died, and now everyone is doing it on Facebook, out in the open. Once Facebook goes into entropy and starts to crack, what platforms will come up to replace it?

Speaking of which, have you joined the Connectvize’s group on Facebook and liked the page?

Have a great Sunday!

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