By changing the ways we can value what we exchange, we broaden the opportunities in which we can engage with others. 

You’ve heard us say already, “You are way, way much more than your job description”, well that’s what we’re giving you the tools to play with in Connectivize. And it’s pretty big.

So big, that Vint Cerf, a VP at Google has written a very long article on this very subject, talking about the kinds of things that Connectivize is.

He writes:

“It’s obvious: all people can create value for each other. There are no useless people. We ‘only’ need an economy that lets people create value. People are more enabled than ever before. The smartphone is such an amazing tool that we are surprised every day by people doing new things we just didn’t think of as something possible for people to do. Each unemployed person with a smartphone is in control of a super computer center packed with engineers, according to old norms. How can a sound economy of any sort avoid utilizing this amazing resource of empowered people? It’s not like there are too few problems for people to solve or that people stopped wanting more out of life. How about fixing the climate, eradicating disease and stopping wars, to start with? There are an infinite number of new things to do.”

He then proposes an imaginary platform he calls “Jobly” which takes not just your Job Description, but everything you know and connects you to a wide variety of exchange opportunities. Welcome to Connectivize!

“The value proposition is attractive. Think about it, only a fraction of all human capacity is being used today. So many people hate their jobs, The market size for disrupting unemployment is the difference between the value created this way today and the value created by all living people, fitted with tailored jobs they are passionate about, giving one hundred percent of their capacity. This might be the greatest business opportunity ever.

We think so too, but every journey of a thousand steps starts with the first step and this is where we are.

“To be honest, we must also not forget: not all of the work we depend on is paid work. It’s a lot, spanning from being a good parent to community work, engaging in democracy, or developing Linux and Wikipedia.” By giving us the tools to value what we have to Offer in a variety of different ways, we increase the optimization of our activities, and reward us for focusing on what we truly love to give.

If you think he could not possibly be referring to your ability to see auras, you’d be wrong:

“You won’t find a single job description saying “we are looking for people who can see auras”. There isn’t a big market for aura healers. In 2012 researchers found a possible explanation to seeing auras. It’s a condition called “synesthesia”, crossed wires between the senses. There are people who see colors when they hear music, often excellent musicians, such as Tori Amos or Leonard Cohen. Research suggests that people who seeauras have ‘emotional synesthesia’, their eyes see an augmented reality, colored by their feelings. This is a very valuable gift In a world where so many people are out of touch with themselves. People with emotional synesthesia will often be better at seeing when people are troubled, or spot when someone is lying, because they are emotional seismographs. They can excel in anything that requires gut feeling, which is quite a lot. They can be excellent neuropsychologists, work with improving human-computer interaction, or work with making video conferencing technology more efficient.”

Remember, this is not some saffron-robed guru at Kafe in Ubud we’re talking about, but a VP at Google. 

It’s that important.

If you think so too, please share this information with your friends and colleagues, and in groups you belong to. Let’s broaden the way we think about how we value what we Offer, and invite others to do the same. Thanks for sharing!

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