It’s not always easy for people to value a digital or virtual currency.

Most people think straight away, “what value does it have in US Dollars, (or Euros, AUD, CAD, GBP etc.)”
They value the virtual currency according to its “exchange value”.

While Bitcoin’s exchange value started out pretty bad, from Zero, it’s now valued at a level most people are comfortable with.
But if it drops, people start to feel the pain…

Connectivize’s digital currencies are different, except for Internal Bitcoin, there is no immediate exchange value. You can’t just take your credit and cash out into US Dollars.

Instead, what gives Connectivize’s currencies their value is the money they save you. If you spend $200 on a service instead of $300, then the $100 you saved is money earned.

When you joined Connectivize, you received around US $225 equivalent, or IDR 2,500,000 equivalent value, but not exchange value, in Kepeng.

When you exchange this with others, it saves you paying the actual fiat currency equivalent.

You’ve just earned how much you saved.

Do you get it?

Happy connectivizing!

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