We are all more than our job descriptions. Way, way more.  

Yes, of course we have developed our professional skillsets, and… each of us also has special gifts, passions, values, talents, knacks and proficiencies.

Many we know, but some of them we’ve forgotten, don’t think are a big deal, or don’t even realize we have (but friends and family know… and are fond of reminding us! 🙂 ). We might do coding and surfing and permaculture, for example. Or marketing and classical guitar and sculpture. Or travel hacking and translation and dog training. None of us are one-dimensional!

Wouldn’t it be amazing to mobilize all of our capabilities, and to be able to offer them, straightforwardly, within the friendly, safe and supportive arms of a trusted network?

And wouldn’t it also be amazing to be able to receive, from others in that same trusted network, the kinds of services that we require and desire for ourselves? As smoothly and flexibly as possible?

Connectivize exists to create, host and facilitate that very environment, within which we can share every skill, gift and talent we have to offer; where the choice is always ours as to when, how, and whether we charge, and for which specific contributions and services… And most importantly, where we are free to connect and exchange with —or gift— one another in the way or ways that we choose.

Connectivize is beta testing our platform by bringing Entrepreneurs and Creatives in the digital sector together, and giving them an opportunity to use reciprocal currency. There are several kinds of different reciprocal currencies that can be used on the platform, depending on the type of exchange that is taking place.

The core idea for this community is to greatly reduce startup costs by creating teams and the exchanging services using reciprocal currencies. There are many additional forms of payment that can be provided, for example receiving payment in Bitcoin even without a Bitcoin wallet or crowdfunding.

Connectivize for Entrepreneurs and Creatives is free to join, there are no national currency fees. A monthly percentage in reciprocal currency happens on positive balances only. The platform is live and several trades have taken place using the platform already.

Connectivize was conceived by and built in 2015 by Stephen DeMeulenaere, joined later in the year by JP Parker. We have an Advisory Board of about 6.

Challenges We’re Having

  • UX for the onboarding process

  • Getting the concept across in simple terms

  • Finding the right model for the right market.

  • Finding our core supporters who want to tell others about it.

  • Just getting people to sign up and try it out.

  • People who do join the system are not creating offers or requests.

  • Not much activity in support of the platform by our Advisors


Feedback We Seek

– What’s your impression of the platform? What’s missing and/or essential?

– How do we make this more appealing to try out?

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