Dear Connectivizers,

We’ve had another trade on Connectivize, this time for Indonesian to English language translation. As you know, all legal documents in Indonesia must be in Indonesian language (Bahasa Indonesia). But to be sure the contract says what you want it to, you need to have it translated to English.

This is one of the professional services I offer, so I charge a fee in Bitcoin and accept 25% in Kepeng. Remember, you received credit in Kepeng when you joined, so it’s like getting 25% off! Wowza!

Even cooler? No national currency changed hands! I did the translation when I was on the road in Jakarta and was paid digitally by the time I reached Singapore. Connectivize is for digital entrepreneurs, creatives and nomads.

Wouldn’t you like to get paid for doing something you’re good at in your spare time?

Think of all the things you can Offer to others, and those pesky little things you need.

Then take 5 minutes to post your Professional Services on Connectivize, and a few of those pesky requests.

Happy Connectivizing!

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